Steps to Plan Your Wedding

Your wedding day can be one of the most special days in your life. Everything needs to be perfect, according to exactly what you dreamt of. However, planning a wedding is not an easy task. There are many elements to it and all aspects should be taken care of. Here are some easy steps you can follow to plan your big day with nothing missed out.

1. Budget and duration of planning

Figure out how much you can spend on your big day. There is no such thing as all weddings should be grand with a few hundred guests. If your budget is small, still you can have a memorable marriage with your close family and friends. It is advised to have a planning period of one year but do not panic if you don’t. You can still pull it off if you contact the right people.

2. Venue and date

You have many options when choosing a venue. The most common are your town convention hall or a five star hotel or even, a town far away from home. Destination weddings are very popular nowadays. You can pick a place that is very special. This will not only add value to your marriage but also cut down your guest list since it is away from home. Moreover, wedding photographers in Canterbury would love a beautiful scenery away from the city. Also pick a date far off so that you have ample time to plan.

3. Theme

Picking out a beautiful theme will add so much more to your ceremony. Themes can range from ocean themes to fairytale themes to jungle themes etc. People are coming up with various ideas. So pick out something you can be creative in with colours you love.

4. Decoration and invitations

Your big day is nothing without the right decoration. Flowers and lights could take you to an entirely different world. Pick out the flowers and all decorations according to your theme. The invitations can be made according to the theme too and should be sent out well in advance.

5. Photos, video and music

Getting the right wedding photographers is crucial. After the actual day, what remain are the memories of it and the photo album along with the wedding video. Book them well ahead to avoid any disappointments. Decide if you will be having a DJ or a live band.

6. Clothes and accessories

Every girl has her dream bridal gown. Get it made just the way you want. Also, decide on our bride’s maids dresses. Book a stylist to dress you on that day and go shopping for all your other accessories such as shoes, jewellery, head dresses and specially the rings.

7. Food and gifts

Most people come for weddings for the food. Hence, choose a menu that could be savoured by all. Nowadays there are special elements as chocolate fountains and others. Adding such an item could be a specialty in your wedding. Inform the caterer before-hand what you exactly need. Pick out a wedding cake that goes with your theme.

8. Honeymoon and transport

If you are planning a destination marriage, plan out your transport well. You need to bring all your guests to the desired venue so arrange for reliable transportation. Most couples miss out on planning their honeymoon since they pay more attention to the wedding. So, book your tickets well ahead so that as soon as the big day is over, you two can have some alone time together.

Do you want to plan your own wedding independently and cheaply? This article for you how to plan your wedding on the beach without a planner.

If you follow these few steps you can have a stress free planning process of the wedding and everything will be ready by that day. All you have to do is look perfect and walk down the aisle.

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