Steps to Plan Your Wedding

Your wedding day can be one of the most special days in your life. Everything needs to be perfect, according to exactly what you dreamt of. However, planning a wedding is not an easy task. There are many elements to it and all aspects should be taken care of. Here are some easy steps you can follow to plan your big day with nothing missed out.

1. Budget and duration of planning

Figure out how much you can spend on your big day. There is no such thing as all weddings should be grand with a few hundred guests. If your budget is small, still you can have a memorable marriage with your close family and friends. It is advised to have a planning period of one year but do not panic if you don’t. You can still pull it off if you contact the right people.

2. Venue and date

You have many options when choosing a venue. The most common are your town convention hall or a five star hotel or even, a town far away from home. Destination weddings are very popular nowadays. You can pick a place that is very special. This will not only add value to your marriage but also cut down your guest list since it is away from home. Moreover, wedding photographers in Canterbury would love a beautiful scenery away from the city. Also pick a date far off so that you have ample time to plan.

3. Theme

Picking out a beautiful theme will add so much more to your ceremony. Themes can range from ocean themes to fairytale themes to jungle themes etc. People are coming up with various ideas. So pick out something you can be creative in with colours you love.

4. Decoration and invitations

Your big day is nothing without the right decoration. Flowers and lights could take you to an entirely different world. Pick out the flowers and all decorations according to your theme. The invitations can be made according to the theme too and should be sent out well in advance.

5. Photos, video and music

Getting the right wedding photographers is crucial. After the actual day, what remain are the memories of it and the photo album along with the wedding video. Book them well ahead to avoid any disappointments. Decide if you will be having a DJ or a live band.

6. Clothes and accessories

Every girl has her dream bridal gown. Get it made just the way you want. Also, decide on our bride’s maids dresses. Book a stylist to dress you on that day and go shopping for all your other accessories such as shoes, jewellery, head dresses and specially the rings.

7. Food and gifts

Most people come for weddings for the food. Hence, choose a menu that could be savoured by all. Nowadays there are special elements as chocolate fountains and others. Adding such an item could be a specialty in your wedding. Inform the caterer before-hand what you exactly need. Pick out a wedding cake that goes with your theme.

8. Honeymoon and transport

If you are planning a destination marriage, plan out your transport well. You need to bring all your guests to the desired venue so arrange for reliable transportation. Most couples miss out on planning their honeymoon since they pay more attention to the wedding. So, book your tickets well ahead so that as soon as the big day is over, you two can have some alone time together.

Do you want to plan your own wedding independently and cheaply? This article for you how to plan your wedding on the beach without a planner.

If you follow these few steps you can have a stress free planning process of the wedding and everything will be ready by that day. All you have to do is look perfect and walk down the aisle.

How to Choose A Good wedding Photographer

Photos are the memories that you carry after the big day. But selecting the right photographer can be quite difficult. You need to know what to look in for when selecting photographers. Here is a brief guide on how to select a good photographer.

Pick a theme

When you have a theme for the photographs it’s easier to select photographers. For example if you want a vintage themed or modern or any other type, you need to first select the theme you like to have. Then search for photographers who are good at the type of theme you want. Some are very good and skilled at taking vintage style and some are skilled at taking modern ones. If you want pre wedding photos you can have a separate shoot for that. Also decide what type of pre wedding photography in Sydney that you prefer, portraiture, fine art or Edgy bold. Each type has its own elegance and specialty. For example if you want the fine art style you cannot hire a friend to do the shoot and expect a professional quality

Interview them

This is very important. For some of you this may sound a bit odd, but interviewing the photographers is very important. You are spending a lot of money for your pre wedding photos it is wise to get them to visit you and show you their work. You need have a good conversation with them to see if they are easy to work with and if they are flexible. The problem is most photographers are not very flexible; they would only stick to their poses and things they think is nice and completely ignore your needs. You need to get o know them better before hiring them. If possible you can ask them do a sample shoot of you to see the quality of their work.

The cost

When selecting a photographer the cost is important. You need to know that you are getting the money’s worth. When selecting the professionals, check what is included in their price. IS the printing and making of the album is included or if you have to pay for that separately. If you hire a photographer and they are charging a high amount for only taking the pictures then it is not a good deal. You need to find someone who would print and make the wedding album as well. Because it is waste of money to hire two set of people to do the shoot and the printing. Always select a professional who provides a package of services instead of just one.

Key Points To Remember For Your Engagement Shoot

Engagement is the final and last step towards the biggest day of your life. When an engagement party takes place, the wedding bells start ringing. Who on earth misses the opportunity of capturing the lovely moments of getting engaged to his or her partner? This is where photographers play a crucial role. Take a few simple tips to help your photographer make both of you look more charming.
Highlight the ringEngagement is all about coming closer to each other both spiritually and socially. The key item of engagement is the ring. The whole ceremony is centered along the engagement ring. Any photographer would highlight this ornament throughout the entire range of the snaps. But in order to ensure it, you better talk about this with the clicker of your engagement photography. Whether the ring is a gold made one, or studded with a diamond the photographer must portray it in a much prettier way than it actually looks.
Show it offWhen you are the center of attraction of such a ceremony you are worth showing everything off. Starting from your engagement costume to the love you have for your partner should be shown off. All of these must be reflected in the pictures taken on that very day. A collection of engagement photography looks truly dull if the bride and the bridegroom are not showy enough. They should pose in every way possible. Hug each other, jump in the air, whisper into each other’s ears, or make weird faces – all this adds an amazing charm to the collection.
Choose an excellent venueFor clicking pictures of your engagement do pick an interesting venue. Whether the venue is an expensive one or not it must appear attractive. Decorate the place nicely using flowers etc. and let the place complement the auspicious occasion. All you need to do is to arrange a beautiful location; the rest is the photographer’s concern. The photographer will find out a great background which will make your pictures look lovelier. You can also ask him for receiving suggestions about an amazing location, check this great pre wedding package.
Apart from clicking you while you are posing for the camera, a talented photographer will surely capture candid moments too. He finds out moments when the bride and her would-be husband are unaware of being clicked. Those pictures really appear cuter and help you cherish the memory of your engagement ceremony in a more vivid way. Be as much cooperative as you can since you will hardly get a chance to relive this day except through photographs. You may also plan the event in advance. These days, many event planners suggest exclusive themes by collaborating with the decorators and photographers. Try them out, and make the event memorable.

Romantic Ideas To Propose Your Girlfriend

A marriage proposal will only happen once in your lifetime, so you need to make it to be a memorable and perfect. You need to find creative and romantic ways to propose your girlfriend. The rule you need follow is to be yourself. Do not overdo your proposal. Keep it simple, sweet and unique to your relationship. You want it to be original and most of all want her to say yes. If you are looking for ideas, here are some which will help you.

Choose a favorite place or take your girlfriend to the exact place where you had your first date together. It can be a place that has personal significance to the two of you. If you go to the place where you met each other for the first time bring back the same occasion and then go down to your knees and propose to her. This will definitely move her. This is one of the easiest romantic proposal ideas you can make it to be a memorable one.

The best proposal is proposing to your girlfriend in a movie break. You can make a small video clip which will pop up the special question and screen it during the interval of the movie show. Then when the clip ends fall on to your knee to get her answer front the big crowd in the movie hall. If she is music lover and listen to a radio station at a certain time of the day. You can dedicate her favorite romantic song followed by the special question and ring her phone after her favorite song get her answer over the radio where many will be listening.

Flash mobs are been the best of all romantic proposal ideas all over last few years. This is a great way to make sure your proposal is unique to you as a couple. Flash mobs allow for a wide range of creativity and participation where you can involve your friends and family into the proposal.

The last but the exciting proposal to give your girlfriend scavenger hunts proposals. Think of a few places your girlfriend visits, a dress boutique, a shoe shop and a saloon. On a special day like her birthday make some of her friends to visit her and take her out and make her go to the first boutique you have decided and make her to pick out a new dress with a note describing what the next palace signifies. And finally at the end of the hunt propose with a romantic view.

These few ideas can make your girlfriend move and make memories that will last forever.

Stunning Party Ideas For Your Kid

Have you planned anything for your little one on his birthday? Well, don’t make his birthday as boring like last time you did by only throwing a house party. So you need to plan something big this year! There are myriad of ideas that you can incorporate in the birthday and make his birthday as beautiful as he wish it to be. You can add some unique party ideas on the birthday and make the celebration a little unconventional. Let’s find out some amazing party ideas:

Fun activities in the party

You can hire affordable and fuss free fun activities or games for your kid as well as his friends. Dodgem cars for hire can be a wonderful option. On the other hand you can hire jumping castle, radio collar cars, etc. for them to play in your big lawn.

The fun games are easy to install, which is completely taken care by the professional service. The Dodgem cars for hire can also be setup in the lawns. The entire set up comes in a trailer and is placed in the lawn. Well, you can also join your kids in the game and make it more fun filled.

A craft party on the birthday

In order to make the birthday stupendous, you can add a theme based party. The craft party is really a unique one where the kids can enjoy their creativity and at the same time enjoy the birthday shows. However, it is your responsibility to get good quality ceramic painting, clay molding and similar things that will not harm them.

A farm birthday party

Why not this time you plan a farm party where the kids will be enjoying with the animals and the pets. Kids always love animals and this birthday it will be a great fun for them to play with the animals.

Cartoon theme birthday party

You have undoubtedly head about mask parties. Well, similarly this year you can plan a theme based birthday party in your lawn. In the party, add cartoon characters or costumes so that the kids can enjoy a lot. Also, you have to take care of the catering service and decoration of the venue. If the party is going to held somewhere else then you should make time to visit the place and check how the work is going on.

In some cases, the swimming pool in your home can be smartly utilized to set up a theme. Ask your kid to invite as many as his friends to join him on the beautiful day. You should also invite the parents and arrange something different for them while the kids are engaged in the beautiful games and theme.

Plan The Food And The Place As Per The Gathering

Many restaurants in cities like Melbourne offer unique themes in décor, ambiance as well as in food. These places are perfect when you have a special meal in mind with friends or family members. For small to large gatherings, there can be several options explored these days. With set menus on offer at places that have private dining rooms and function rooms, here are some tips on choosing the perfect venue for different gatherings.

Kitty parties with the ladies

Many women have regular gatherings over lunch or afternoon, which are usually agendas for ladies’ clubs. For these events the party venues could be private dining rooms or simply a seating area for ten or more ladies at a restaurant. In these cases, ladies usually prefer a café or a bistro where light bites can be ordered. The meals consist of several small snacks like items that are served while the ladies play games like bingo, have party games or discussions over their next club agenda.

Gathering of friends

Most people who wish to get a group of friends together for a meet up or a special birthday treat could be looking at party venues that need not be large function rooms, but semi private spaces to allow the members of the event to mix and talk freely. For that reason, private dining spaces are offered not only at restaurants, but also at bistros and pubs. When a gathering of friends is happening, it can be planned at a pubs in Docklands where the drinks and small bites can be ordered and the merry making can continue.

Birthday parties

For kids whose birthday parties are being celebrated at restaurants, there are many kid friendly cafes and family restaurants that provide the perfect space for kids to enjoy. Usually dedicated function rooms are allocated for these events where kids can have games and other forms of enjoyment and can make all the noise they want without disrupting others. With buffet spreads offered on the side and space for games and activities to be set up,. These places are perfect and hassle free for the parents.

Formal events

Today there are large facilities that have been converted into dining spaces by several restaurant owners and celebrated chefs. These places are known for the delicacies on offer and people who look at these venues for booking would consider them for wedding receptions, office lunches and other formal and grand celebrations. With gourmet style food on the menu and exquisite ambience and décor, these places charge an exclusive fee for the style and exclusivity they offer. For office mangers these venues present the right places to impress big ticket clients.