Avoid These Mistakes In Decoration

Various materials like pompoms, light balls, color jars, and many other types of lights are present in the market used for wedding decoration. But still flowers have their own value and position in the wedding ceremony. A simple presence of flower in a room will be a turn on for your Big Day. From the decoration of your wedding venue to the decoration of your cake or dress even – is dependent on the beauty of flowers. You can go for various creative ideas with the usage of hundreds of different flowers.

The wedding flowers can be presented in the wedding centerpieces, at the pew ends, isles, in your wedding dress, wedding cake and also for the dramatic décor in your reception. If you are looking for the wedding themes, then the flowers can be used in many other creative ways.

The rustic, urban, modern or anything else – in all decorations, flowers have their unique position. These wedding flowers decorations are so beautiful that your wedding will be remembered for long. But in decoration and wedding planning many mistakes take place which should be avoided. Even after hiring a good wedding planner and florist for the decoration – you need to look after every matter carefully to make it perfect.

Here are some of the common decorative and planning mistakes found in wedding ceremonies generally. Have a look.

• Being too strict in the matter of flowers for wedding: While choosing the flowers for your wedding, you need to be frequent as well as flexible. If you choose such kind of a flower, which is not available in that season, then you need to allow the florist to go for a better replacement. Substitute flowers which look absolutely the same as per your selected flowers, can be arranged by them in some cases. Let them work smoothly; otherwise the decoration will be affected.

• Little interaction with the florist: If you don’t build up a good rapport with the florist, and you personally don’t like the working style, then look for other florist. A little interaction and personal dislike will never provide you with your desired decoration. Neither the florist nor you will be happy to work with each other.

• Lots of duties on you: You are the bride; therefore you need to take some rest. Don’t take all the responsibilities on yourself; divide them among your trustworthy relatives and friends.

• A photographer only on price: Never go for hiring a photographer for your wedding, depending on the price. Look at their skills and creativity before you hire them. Otherwise, you may have to lose your precious moments of your wedding day forever.

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